Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. is a service oriented company….
…….very competitive and diverse, with a depth of resource.

Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. is the most recognized contractor in the Rocky Mountain region offering a wide variety of unique and specialized services from concrete repair and restoration to foundation underpinning and soil stabilization. Because of this diversity, MCSI is able to fulfill the needs of a varied clientele with the professionalism and understanding of each client’s needs.


MCSI has proven its abilities to work with owners, engineers, and architects on designs and within their parameters for each individualized project.

Because of our experience in the Rocky Mountain Region, MCSI has the ability to adapt to the ever-changing climate and conditions, working from below freezing temperatures and elevations above 12,500′ in the mountains, to the extreme heat in the most remote desert areas.
MCSI Range of Services

  • Structural and Architectural Concrete Repair
  • Soil Nailing
  • Patterned & Stained Concrete
  • Compaction Grouting
  • Foundation Underpinning
  • Micro Piles
  • Shotcrete
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Tieback Anchors
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Slab-Jacking/Void Filling
  • Erosion Control



“Production is NOT so urgent that we cannot take the time….
……….. to do our work SAFELY and RIGHT, the first time.”

Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. (MCSI) has made a strong commitment to have an effective safety program. We believe that our skilled employees are our most important asset, and the preservation of employee safety and health must remain a constant consideration in every phase of our business.

Mays Construction Specialties, Inc.’s Safety and Health Program, requires complete employee involvement. All employees and supervisors attend safety and health training, and are required to complete the OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 10 hour Safety and Health training course. All MCSI foremen and supervisors recertified in CPR and first-aid annually.

MCSI performs periodic audits of sub-contractors’ compliance and performance to the requirements of the MCSI Safety and Health Program, while working on any MCSI construction site.

Concrete Repair, Restoration & Stabilization Specialists

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