Alpine Bank – Concrete Repair

In March of 2016, MCSI along with SGM performed some investigative work on one failing area. The findings showed that the damages were considerably less severe than anticipated.  Following the investigative work, SGM inspected the building with the use of high caliber scopes, and then prepared a report of possible initial repairs.

MCSI developed a repair plan with suggested materials for SGM and Sika Corporation review. Once the repair plan was agreed on, MCSI prepared a quote for Alpine Bank approval.  The repair plan included bringing in SPIDER swing staging that is supported from the roof top.  Spider personnel instructed MCSI personnel in how to set up and move the swing staging.  All repairs are performed from the swing staging and are typically a multi-step process.  The swing staging only covers about half of a side of the building, so it has to be moved and reset a total of 8 times.