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MCSI provides the following services and more for Commercial, Residential, Civil & Water

Foundation Services
Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. utilizes many different techniques and systems such as micro piles, foundation underpinning, helical piers, compaction grouting and conventional underpinning with concrete footings to raise and provide stabilization of many different types of structures.
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Specialty Grouting
Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. uses various grouting systems and materials for many purposes, including raising and stabilizing structures, stopping soil and foundational settlement, improving ground stability, reducing water seepage, soil stabilization and shoring, and cut-off walls.
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Lightweight Flowable Fill (Cellular Concrete)
Cellular Concrete is a lightweight fill material primarily used in geotechnical applications. Cellular Concrete is made by the injection or blending of pre-formed stable foam into cement-based slurry. By adding the foam, the weight of the concrete can be reduced to as low as 20 pounds per cubic foot when it’s wet. Cellular Concrete can be produced as non-pervious or pervious.
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Soil-Stabilization / Shoring
MCSI continues to provide Soil Nailing as a method of earth reinforcement used for temporary and permanent excavation support and shoring throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.
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Concrete Repair
From foundations and bridges, dams and highways, to tunnels and retaining walls, Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. (MCSI) has the technicians and capabilities to handle a wide range of concrete repair needs. If your civil, industrial, or commercial project requires structural or architectural concrete repairs then MCSI is you answer.
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Slab Jacking / Void Filling
Slab-Jacking is a technique of raising and stabilizing concrete slabs on grade. This process is faster and less costly than removal and replacement or capping concrete where voids still exist. Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. has over 25 years of raising settled slabs, from residential sidewalks to the entire interior commercial complexes. MCSI has the expertise and experience to save you time and expense by raising slabs using either our cement/soil based mixes or our polyurethane system.
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Shotcrete, sometimes called sprayed concrete, is concrete which has been conveyed through a hose and nozzle and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. Shotcrete has high strength, durability, low permeability, excellent bond and limitless shape possibilities.
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