Shotcrete, sometimes called sprayed concrete, is concrete which has been conveyed through a hose and nozzle and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. Shotcrete has high strength, durability, low permeability, excellent bond and limitless shape possibilities.


What is Shotcrete?

DEFINITION OF SHOTCRETE:  The American Concrete Institute (ACI) definition is “concrete placed by a high-velocity pneumatic projection from a nozzle.” When using shotcrete method it compacts the concrete in-place, with high-velocity impact of the material stream.  Thus, shotcrete is a placement method, and not a product different from concrete.

TWO PROCESSES – WET- AND DRY-MIX – ARE EQUAL:  Both processes convey concrete materials through a hose to be accelerated to a high velocity at the nozzle.  Dry-mix keeps the concrete materials dry until hydrated immediately before exiting the nozzle.  Wet-mix uses pre-mixed concrete that is pushed at high pressure through the hose and accelerated with pressurized air at the nozzle. By using the appropriate materials, well-sized and maintained equipment, and an experienced crew and nozzleman, either process will produce excellent-quality, durable concrete.


Other additional benefits to using shotcrete include:

  • Little or no formwork is required
  • Cost effective method for placing concrete
  • Ideal for irregular surface applications
  • Allows for easier material handling in area with difficult access
  • It is flexible and easy to install
  • Uses space more efficiently by allowing vertical excavation of alternated panels, creating stable vertical walls very close to other buildings
  • Saves money-can concrete right over the shotcrete
  • Can be more economical than other systems because of the ability to build maximum dimensions of the property and use the excavation as the form system.
  • Since shotcrete placement uses between 50 and 100% less formwork, concrete sections can be built in significantly less time. Setup, dismantle, and jobsite moves can also be accomplished faster with the smaller equipment and hoses
  • Concrete placed by shotcrete method inherently has a lower water-cementitious materials ratio and, as a result, achieves compressive strengths equal or superior to those of more conventional form-and-pour. Many supplemental cementitious materials routinely used, such as silica fume, produce higher-strength, lower-permeability concrete that will enjoy a longer service life.


MCSI also offers sculpted soil nail or anchored walls made with shotcrete, staining, and integral color additives. Sculptured or carved shotcrete has many advantages for permanent walls, landscape features, and water features.
It can be cost effective, be installed to add aesthetics to excavated walls for highways, residential construction, commercial retaining walls, and private roadway excavation.

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