Slab Jacking / Void Filling

Slab-Jacking is a technique of raising and stabilizing concrete slabs on grade. This process is faster and less costly than removal and replacement or capping concrete where voids still exist. Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. has over 25 years of raising settled slabs, from residential sidewalks to the entire interior commercial complexes. MCSI has the expertise and experience to save you time and expense by raising slabs using either our cement/soil based mixes or our polyurethane system.

Slab Jacking

Benefits of slab-jacking slabs that need to be raised:

  • Slabs can be walked on or driven on almost immediately.
  • Adjacent landscaping and plantings are unaffected.
  • It does not change existing colors or aesthetics of concrete.
  • It’s a clean and quick process.
  • It works well for remote and hard-to-access areas.
  • It reduces down time for business and roads.
  • It allows controlled lifting to desired grades.
  • It’s very cost effective.



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